Bharati Shah (53), is a resident of Mumbai with varied experiences in the field of education, business and fitness. She began her career as a school teacher and moved on to serve more than 3 companies as a CEO. In 2014, she was needed to be hospitalized for a common surgical procedure, however, ended up in a coma for close to a month. Post this incident, she decided to slow down and dedicate her life towards healthier living. Last year, she retired from her busy MNC job and turned towards learning more about nutrition and fitness. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits of her family and has also guided a Bollywood actress as her personal trainer. Bharati is very close to her grandchildren – Fiona (10) and Shlok (8), who live in Mumbai. Bharati and her husband often participate in various marathons across the country.

Bharati Shah with her grandchildren – Fiona (L), Shlok (R)

HappyAging would like to share Bharati Shah’s letter full of love for her grandchildren through our ‘Letters to Grandchildren’ series.

Through the ‘Letters to Grandchildren’ series, HappyAging intends to bring out the beautiful bond that grandparents and grandchildren share. The purpose of this series is to allow grandparents to share their legacy with their grand-kids, and let them take a pause and look at life from a different perspective. These letters allow the grandparents to share their life lessons and experiences with them.

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Dear Fiona and Shloka,

My sweetest grandchildren, you both are my lifelines and you bring infinite joy to my heart. Fiona, you and I are like two peas in a pod. You know at nani’s house; you can get away with any kind of silliness. And Shlok, you are a typical boy, happy in your world with your games and blissful madness of running around. But you know what makes my heart melt? That joy of a big hug from you guys, whenever and wherever we meet.

Fiona and Shlok, I am so happy that both of you are growing up so well. You have started participating in school activities also now. I just love when I hear about your endeavors. I want you to be open to every experience no matter how much it may scare you as life is about experiences; some may be scary, but trust me the pleasure is worth it once you overcome the fear.

You know, your nani always participated in all extra-curricular activities, back in school. I remember, once there was a debate and we were supposed to speak in front of a few distinguished guests. I was really scared but my teacher pushed me to participate. Guess what? I won that debate and started participating in more activities only because that one event gave me the confidence to speak in front of strangers. I think what I am trying to say is that you need to explore what’s there on the other side of fear. Chances are, some wonderful opportunity is waiting for you.

Talking about opportunity, sometimes, you may find someone has something better than you – a better bag, a better car or sometimes it may even seem a better life. We are humans and comparisons are normal, but do not fall for it and try to get ahead of others anyhow. While someone may have something better than you, there are many who do not have what you do. Be grateful to God and cherish what you have.

As you grow, I want you to pay attention to the smaller things in life for they bring the biggest joys. You know, a simple game of snakes and ladders or solving a jigsaw puzzle with you guys gives me more pleasure than a fancy outing.

“If you focus on the smaller things, you may explore great possibilities for yourself.”

Dearest kids, I also want you to focus on your health and inner well-being. After my health scare, I have become more conscious about taking care of myself. To you also I would like to say that try to eat healthy food and avoid junk. Healthy food and healthy thoughts will always take you far in life.

I know sometimes it may annoy you to hear a “No” from your parents, but trust me, they say it because they don’t want you to suffer. After all family always wishes well for you.

Please know, no matter how tough the battle is, it should not stop you from exploring the world.”

Remember, your parents are not just your parents but they are also your friends. It breaks my heart to see when children these days take extreme measures out of pressure. Please know, no matter how tough the battle is, it should not stop you from exploring the world. Your parents and your entire family is always standing with you.

My sweetest Fiona and Shlok, lastly, my biggest message to you would be never to give up. The people who are successful are not the ones who never fail, but the ones who keep failing and keep getting up. You will never know success if you quit. We are there with you every step of the way.

With Love,

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  1. Thank you mom for your words of wisdom.
    I wish my kids grow up like you bold and confident ready to face the world in any situation and condition.
    Ready to live their life at their terms.


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