It is estimated that by 2050, India and China together will have 80% of the world’s elderly population. Currently, 12% of India’s population is above 60 and this number is going to rise as per the census predictions. Surely, with the advancement in science, we have increased our life span and bettered our quality of life, but with growing longevity, more and more elderly who have lost a spouse are finding themselves caught in a lonely pound.

On the bright side, senior citizens in India are gradually turning to companionship and friendship in their old age instead of staying alone or even choosing marriage, the second time. Having done it all previously, they perhaps now want to live free of responsibilities and are open to being in live-in relationships. Live-in relationships come with someone you can share your life with minus the responsibilities.

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Health benefits of living in with a partner

If we look at the health benefits of having a companion in the senior years, there are many.

  1. It helps in preventing loneliness that comes after your partner is no more there and you are off your professional responsibilities. Even children are away busy in their lives.
  2. Depression can also be prevented as you can have a partner to share your life and someone by your side to take care of you.
  3. A study published by Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry suggests that having a partner can reduce the chances of Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders by 42%.

A good companionship in one’s golden years can help them stay busy and have a perspective in life.

No legal hassles

Living together is gaining popularity as there are no legal and property obligations at stake. Most of the couples split their expenses and take equal responsibilities, or in some cases, one of them decides to be financially responsible to run the household. It’s a good way to know one another without getting into the ugly battles of long court procedures that entail after a married couple decides to split.

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De-criminalizing live-in relationships

The Supreme Court of India de-criminalized live-in relationships and ruled that ‘marriageable age is not a relevant factor for living together by two adults’. According to the law, two consenting adults can live together without marriage. Live-in relationships are recognized by the legislature itself which has found its place under the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

This is a welcome change as the society still doesn’t agree with live-in relationships of younger adults, let alone senior citizens. With this landmark judgment, if not the society, then at least the consenting adults and their family members should be able to accept and incorporate this change in case their parents want to live-in with a compatible partner.

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Couples are open to exploring this aspect and more and more children are coming forward and supporting their parents to take the plunge.

The golden years of life can be hard without a companion; your kids have moved out of your nest and have lives of their own, you have retired and relatively free, your health may also be a concern. In this case, if you have lost a spouse, then it only gets lonelier. If you are an older adult who wants to move into a live-in relationship, talk to your partner and work the logistics out. You can also enroll in some bureaus that help seniors find a companion.

Everyone deserves companionship and the right to be happy, no matter what their age is, so why live a lonely life when you have a shot at love once again and who knows if someone special is out there waiting just for you.


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