Watch: Medtronics Insulin Pump Product Review by Deepika Bedi


Medtronics Insulin Pump MMT115WWT


Ease of use: 4/5 stars (user-friendly)

Cost: 2/5 stars (very expensive)

Ease of availability: 5/5 stars (very easily available and good support and service)


Why Do You Need An Insulin Pump?

Many older adults suffer from type 2 diabetes mellitus and are required to take insulin to manage their blood sugar. Injecting insulin is the most effective way of taking insulin. There are two options for this: Injecting with a needle/pen or using an insulin pump.

An insulin pump releases insulin in your body to create an effect similar to how the body actually secretes insulin naturally. Insulin pumps are not long-acting. They inject little amounts of insulin in your body at a time so that your blood sugar remains even. You can program the amount of insulin to be injected. Insulin pumps are connected to the body so that you don’t need to carry anything separately. However, insulin pumps are yet not very popular in India yet.

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A Review by Deepika Bedi

Deepika Bedi is a homemaker in Pune who has been a diabetic for 15 years. She uses the Medtronics Insulin Pump MMT115WWT to regulate her blood sugar levels.

HappyAging talked to her to know how the pump works and whether it is beneficial to her. She has been using the pump for more than 5 years and acts as “Artificial Pancreas,” she says. Insulin is secreted on an hourly basis and you can pre-set how much insulin you want to inject into your body per hour.

The insulin pump is attached to the body with a quickset that is similar to an intravenous (IV) infusion set. It has to be changed every 4-5 days and the reservoir has to be filled with insulin every 7-10 days. Deepika says. She further adds that the Medtronics pump works on AAA-battery.

There are sensors attached to detect peaks and dips in sugar levels. It is very simple to operate this device. It has a bolus button and you can regulate the flow of insulin too. While taking a bath or going swimming, you can easily remove it and take little amounts of insulin beforehand.

Deepika says that the cost of the Medtronics insulin pump is very high. The individual parts are also costly, leading to very high monthly costs. However, Medtronics and its dealers give good support. You can also take the pump for test use for a week. Medtronics provides quick user support as well.

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Doesn’t Like


Very user-friendly


High cost


hbA1c levels come down with regular use



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