According to 2011 census there are nearly 104 million seniors (aged 60 years or above) in India. India’s life expectancy has increased by 11 years since 1990, it is expected that with development and positive lifestyle changes, it will further increase. A report released by the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India also suggests that the number of older adults is expected to grow to 173 million by 2026. Hence, we can say that India is an aging nation.

In lieu of the increasing senior population and their requirements, HappyAging becomes the platform to bring health in the forefront of every household. We as a platform intend to build a symbiotic community of well-aware and well-connected growing individuals and caregivers. We aim to instill a happy outlook towards aging for all and help all to adopt a healthy lifestyle while taking charge of their aging process. We extensively work on understanding and promoting preventive measures for a graceful growing journey. We believe with advancements in the medical field and awareness amongst the masses, the idea of healthy longevity is achievable. And thus it brings us to our Mission Pledge-100-100-30.

Mission Pledge-100-100-30

While India stands at fourth position in terms of centenarians in the world, we believe with better understanding of health and caregiving, we may create a larger 100’s club.

To strengthen the aim for Indian population to join the 100’s club, HappyAging intends to open a dialogue on health and longevity. We aim that by 2030 we would have 100 million people pledging to join the 100’s club. In order to guide them through this mission, we started by studying Indian scenario on the centenarian map of the world and by understanding the blue zones in the world where life expectancy of people are expected to be the highest.

Blue zones in the world

According to Dan Buettner’s research in 2005, five regions in the world have been identified with the highest life expectancy. Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece) and Loma Linda (California) are the five regions that share a very common lifestyle pattern that has perhaps helped them in leading a long and hearty life.

In our mission to promote Pledge-100-100-30, we are studying in details about some of the centenarian zones, or if we may say ‘Indian blue zones’ like a village in Madhya Pradesh that has 70 centenarians in its population of 500 people. Demographically, we are studying the factors can help Indians to pursue longevity such as diet, lifestyle and environment. We are talking to centenarians around us and also some exemplary families who have seen several 100+-year-olds in their midst.

Here are some of the areas we study comprehensively:

Diet: We study various aspects of nutrition for growing individuals that include dietary habits of different regions, culinary ways, nutritional intake, source of food, cleanliness state and so on. We are evaluating the various nutritional requirements for healthy living. It helps us segregate and understand the dietary patterns followed by the blue zones found in India. In terms of nutrition we are comprehensively studying the food sources from different regions and their nutritive quotients. We are also trying to evaluate the different types of diets like Keto, vegan, vegetarian, protein, etc. and their impact on various health conditions.

Lifestyle: We analyze the impact of lifestyle on one’s aging. From daily routines to how one indulges in pursuing a passion to engagement in physical activities, we examine the various aspects of lifestyle on one’s health. We also study how one’s lifestyle evolves with aging, the effect of lifestyle patterns which are passed on as legacy in generations, the culture and professional influence on overall health. In our process to do so, we meet a lot of people from different spheres who pursue their passion and understand from them how their lifestyles impact their overall being. We speak to experts to understand the lifestyle changes one must bring in order to live healthily despite health conditions. Not just physical health, but our research also covers areas of mental well-being and how it impacts longevity.

Social Environment: Another factor that we find contributing to one’s holistic health is their social environment. Hence, we evaluate how being socially active or inactive affects different individuals and how it helps some when they are connected with a social network and get to bond with other like-minded individuals. We have also been working to understand the impact of changing technology on older adults and their desire to stay updated. It is also notable that technology at times help in extending and sometimes restrict the growth of one’s social environment. Another area we explore is the need for companionship – how the newly formed bonds of friendship and companionship promote longevity – how the idea of finding a suitable partner post a certain age may fuel up the desire to live longer and healthier

Planning: We work on understanding the effort put in planning and its impact on one’s life and how it is connected with longevity – how the sheer desire to lead a happy and healthy life helps one in planning for it and the ways in which one could plan well to make their life comfortable. It includes financial, health and social planning. While financial and health planning starts early in one’s life, it’s interesting to see a growing acceptance towards social planning amongst the masses. Assisted living and senior communities have also become popular and we work with some industry experts to understand the space better.

With such a diverse pool of learnings, we apprehend that aiming to join the 100’s club and be part of Mission 100-pledge-100-30 for older adults in India is not a difficult task. We hereby launch this campaign for India of 2020 to come together to reach a milestone of 100 pledges in next 10 years in building India’s next and larger 100’s club.

With Mission Pledge-100-100-30, HappyAging would be looking for people with the will to have a control on their aging journey so as to live a long and happy life. Let’s come together and encourage one another to join the 100’s club and pledge to be 100 by 2030. Connect with us to get your evaluation done today.

Please let us know your views on the same in the comment section below. We are happy to interact with other centenarians in your family and have interesting insights.

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