पहा: डॉ. लता भोईर स्तन कर्करोगाच्या चेतावणी आणि स्तनाच्या आरोग्याबद्दल काय म्हणत आहेत


Breast is a reproductive organ and is heavily influenced by hormones. It undergoes many changes with respect to age and the menstrual cycle. As age advances, the hormonal make up of the body changes as a part of many other natural ageing processes. These predispose elderly women to many breast related disorders including cancer, a major ailment throughout the globe.

October is observed as World Breast Cancer Awareness month and also called as Pink October.

HappyAging spoke to Dr. Lata Bhoir who is a Geriatrician from Pune about Breast Cancer and how it can be prevented.

She suggests that there are few warning signs which should not be ignored when it comes to Breast Cancer:

  1. Swelling on breasts
  2. Change in size of breasts
  3. Changes in skin of breasts like redness or lumps
  4. Changes in nipple
  5. Discharge (Bloody/non-bloody)

Dr. Lata strongly recommends Breast Self Examination for all women. It comprises of 3 steps:

  1. Look at your breast
  2. Feel breasts with soapy hands
  3. Squeeze and examine breasts

Here are some steps recommended by her to keep breasts healthy:

  1. Avoid Alcohol
  2. Avoid Smoking
  3. Do 30 minutes moderate physical activity daily
  4. Visit doctor if you are on Hormone Replacement Therapy
  5. Do regular Mammogram test


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