6 Common Myths About Kidney Diseases Debunked

There are many myths surrounding kidney diseases in older adults, so much that most do not know what is true and what is a myth. Here we debunk the most common myths that surround kidney diseases.


1Myth 1: Kidney disease is incurable

Fact: Some kidney diseases are treatable and curable. If you are alert to the symptoms and seek treatment in the early stages itself, there is a good chance of completely curing kidney diseases. Proper and timely treatment is good for prolonging kidney health.

2Myth 2: Your body function is affected if one of your kidney stops working

Fact: Even if one kidney stops working (or you donate one kidney), the levels of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine are managed effectively by the other working kidney. In fact, some people are born with a single kidney. As long as you maintain a good diet and lifestyle, your one working kidney can do the work of both the kidneys.

3Myth 3: Edema in the legs is a symptom of kidney disease

Fact: Edema in the legs can be caused due to a number of reasons including low albumin levels, allergic reactions, heart disorders or obstructions. Edema may occur even when the kidneys are up and fully functional. When you have edema, it might not necessarily be kidney disease. Consult your doctor for a complete checkup.

4Myth 4: People with kidney diseases must drink lots of water

Fact: Lots of water is required only if you have UTI or kidney stones. In other cases, due to malfunctioning of the kidneys, you may be actually advised to drink less water as too much water increases the pressure on the kidneys.

5Myth 5: My kidneys are working absolutely fine

Fact: The symptoms of kidney diseases in the early stages are not very noticeable or different from other symptoms of old age. It might take a while before you notice the symptoms and are tested positive for kidney disease. During the course of treatment, you might feel better after a while. However, discontinuing treatment because you feel better may prove fatal or may lead to more complications, even dialysis or transplantation.

6Myth 6: Dialysis lasts for a lifetime  

Fact: Your kidneys might stop working for a short time due to a disease or injury. While your kidneys recover, you need to support them by taking up dialysis. However, once they have regained their previous state of functionality, there is no reason to continue undergoing dialysis. However, in cases of severe kidney damage, you might be put on dialysis permanently or could even go for kidney transplantation.

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