Prostate is the small walnut-sized organ in the male reproductive system, responsible for making seminal fluid. Prostate Cancer is the third most common cancer in Indian men. It accounts for 7% of all cancers. Each year, 25,696 new cases of Prostate Cancer are recorded and this number will double by 2020.

According to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer related death in American men, making it a global threat too. Needless to say, scientists and doctors are invested in researching about and achieving new breakthroughs in this field so reduce the number of death caused by this disease.

Below are three new advancements in the field of Prostate Cancer:

  1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology (MRI): Compared to before, MRI technology has advanced reasonably. The new generation MRI devices, along with with additional technological gear including contrast enhancement and special processing are being used massively in imaging centers to generate remarkably clear images of the prostate. These images can reveal tiny details in color, allowing radiologists to determine exactly where a tumor is exactly located in the prostate gland.
  2. Fusion Biopsy: This is a mix of MRI and Ultrasound. It allows the doctors to perform more precise prostate biopsies. This allows radiologists to blend MRI and ultrasound imaging to determine the area of diseased tissue. This technology combines real-time ultrasound with multi-parametric MRI to provide a 3D visualization. MRI Ultrasound fusion is beneficial in diagnosing Prostate cancer with better accuracy and helps in avoiding unnecessary biopsies procedures.
  3. Biomarkers: The goal of Biomarkers is to overcome the limitations of the previously developed Prostate Specific Pathogen and improve the detection of prostate cancer. Scientists are working on making these Biomarkers non-invasive and 100% accurate.

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Researchers are doing their best to come up with advanced technologies to detect and treat prostate cancer on time and effectively. Hopefully with these advancements, the mortality rate due to this disease will be brought down and they will be able to save more lives.

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