Watch: Rajendra Chatpalliwar On About Physiotherapy and Home Care for Older Adults


Rajendra Chatpalliwar, 62, is a retired Civil Engineer who worked as a professor in several prestigious engineering colleges. He has done a Physiotherapy course to help older adults suffering from musculoskeletal issues. After his retirement, he actively pursues physiotherapy as a service. He provides physiotherapy and home care voluntarily and has patients suffering from problems like arthritis, fractures, paralysis and even Parkinson’s disease.

HappyAging met Rajendra Chatpalliwar at his home in Pune, to know more about his practice. He says that he has been practicing for the last 7-8 years and has come across numerous patients who need home care. Most of these older adults are on medication to cure their illness whereas Chatpalliwar and other physiotherapists like him focus primarily on muscular exercises to cure diseases.

Rajendra Chatpalliwar has encountered older adults with nerve problems like sciatica. One of his patients has been paralyzed from the waist down but has shown remarkable improvement after undergoing physiotherapy.

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Rajendra says that many older adults prefer home care rather than hospital care because it is cheaper and easier for them to co-ordinate.

Home-based care for health in India is growing rapidly. Many health industry giants, as well as entrepreneurs, are attracted towards this field, trying to make it technologically sound and accessible to everyone. The home care services market in India was at approximately ₹2200 crore in 2016.

However, Rajendra stresses the importance of doing this service voluntarily so that more people can benefit from it. He uses a range of homemade Ayurvedic oils to help older adults get back on track.

He also stresses on the importance of regular exercise and a good diet. He recommends a daily brisk walk for around half an hour. He also recommends swimming and PT as great ways to exercise for older adults.

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Right now, the home-care market in India is in a nascent stage with the key players being start-ups, newer hospitals, and unorganized players. However, this industry is expected to show massive growth by 2030.

Watch Rajendra Chatpalliwar talk about his profession and its benefits in the video.

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