Why Should You Plan Your Funeral?

With the number of nuclear families increasing in the last few years, older adults staying alone has become quite common. In fact, according to the last census, around 15 million elderly people live alone. Out of these, three-fourths are women. Another survey showed that one in four older adults stayed alone.

Such large numbers of seniors live alone because their children have moved to foreign countries for work. Many older adults have also lost their spouse and wish to live in their ancestral/original home instead of moving to a new and unfamiliar place. For older adults whose children stay abroad or in another far-off city, it is imperative to plan for your death as it is for your daily activities. This is because many times, people staying abroad do not get leaves to come to India when their parents pass away or the body cannot be kept till the time the children arrive due to a number of reasons.

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Times Are Changing

Seniors, in recent times, have no hesitation in pre-booking their own funeral service. They have become more practical now and know the limitations their children might face. Keeping this in mind, older adults have started looking for funeral services so that their children are spared the physical and emotional trouble.

No more is planning your funeral an emotional or unrealistic option. It is one of the most practical decisions you can make for yourself and your close ones.

What Are Funeral Services?

Funeral services basically mean taking care of your funeral from start to end. They provide complete solutions from bringing the body of the deceased from the hospital to home, embalming, cremation/burial along with proper rituals, hearse services and obtaining the death certificate. Some services also provide annual memorial posts.

Sometimes, it also happens that death occurs when an older adult is traveling or in a foreign land. With a significant increase in the number of seniors traveling in recent times, this happens more frequently than before. Death in a place that is far away from the place of final rites often causes complications. In fact, death in a foreign country can cause immense repatriation problems.

However, this is no cause to worry or stop traveling. Instead, you can book a funeral service that takes care of repatriation or moving you to your home after death. This way, you can be stress-free about your last rites.

The charges for these funeral services are very nominal, starting from Rs. 4,500 and older adults, irrespective of their financial bearing, can afford them.

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How Can You Plan for Your Funeral

In India, death is an often hushed topic. No one speaks about it much. However, it is important to know that death is a part of the life cycle and accept that you will also die someday.

Once you accept this fact, it is necessary to plan for further steps, especially if you are an older adult living alone. There are companies that provide end-to-end funeral services. Here are some of them:

  1. Mokshshil – Mokshshil is an Ahmedabad-based company that provides funeral services. Earlier, it used to provide only for Hindu funerals. However, it has expanded and now provides funeral services for Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism. They help families with important decisions and make all arrangements for the funeral. In addition, they also have pilgrimage options for those who wish to go. They also help in repatriation with correct paperwork and systematic arrangements.
  2. Kashimoksha Inc – Kashi is considered to be one of the holiest places for performing last rites. Keeping this in mind, Kashimoksha Inc provides funeral services at Kashi to Hindus all over the world. They have various services like Arthi Visarjan, Varshik Shraadh, Brahmin Bhoj, etc.
  3. Anthyesti – Anthyesti is a Kolkata-based funeral service provider. They cover everything from hearse vans to the shraadh ceremony. They provide services to the Bengalis, Arya Samajis, Biharis, Marwaris, Sindhis, and Punjabis.
  4. Shradhanjali.com – Shradhanjali.com is a Rajkot-based company that provides memorial services for your loved ones. You can post pictures, videos, quotes, life summary and achievements of the deceased on this website. Relatives and friends can also post their condolences and messages. There are death anniversary or birthday reminders as well.
  5. Tributes.in – Tributes.in is used for publishing an obituary online. You can also create a personalized page for your loved ones who have passed on and give information about chautha, annual shraadh, etc. This website is connected to email, WhatsApp and SMS services as well for sending reminders and notifications.
  6. Indian Funeral Service (IFS) – IFS has been around since 1989, providing complete solutions for funeral services. They are Mumbai-based and became one of the first funeral service companies to offer their services online. They are well-known for their efficient repatriation services.

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Dealing with Death

Accepting death as a part of life is a major step for many older adults. Many seniors feel weak and helpless when they think about death. It is a very sensitive topic for older adults and everyone in general.

Once you reach the stage of acceptance, planning your funeral should not be difficult. With these companies providing funeral services, you can decide the type of ritual you want and how you want to get it done.

What are your views on funeral planning? Have you planned it for yourself or your spouse? Do comment below and let us know your opinions on this topic.

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