Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably, destroying tissues in the body. Around 11.2 lacs of new cancer cases were reported and around 4.91 lacs deaths occurred due to cancer in India in 2014. More than 70% of cancer occurs in the age between 30 to 70 years old people.

Cancer is one of the complex diseases. Prolonged treatment and chemotherapy with regular medications have been proved to be successful in many scenarios.

While cancer treatment can be stressful on anybody’s pocket, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), has done well to cap prices of cancer medicines in India, effective immediately. The centre has issued a list of 390 medicine brands related to cancer whose prices have been slashed by 87%. Indian Government were able to cap the trade margin at 30% under drug price control. As asked by NPPA, manufacturers have published a list on March 8, 2019.

Trade margin is the difference between the prices at which manufacturers sell drugs to stockists as well as distributors and at MRP to patients. Prices of five brands will be reduced to 70% and 12 brands will see a reduction of 50 to 70%.

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By reducing the prices to such a huge extent the government expects an annual savings of Rs. 800 crore approximately for cancer patients. This is by far one of the best moves from the NPPA towards cancer families. In India, we have 2.25 million people affected with cancer and this will be a huge relief for these families financially.

Cancer medications and treatments are financially difficult to manage for most middle-class families, leading to economic distress. People suffering from cancer in India have financial difficulties, dealing with day to day expenses and family responsibilities. The curb in the price can bring great relief in cancer treatments.

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