Heart disease is a leading cause of deaths in India. According to the 2016 Global Burden of Disease Report, released in 2017, 1.7 million deaths have been caused due to heart diseases. Patients of Congestive Heart Disease need a lot of support to lead a healthy life. They are not always equipped to take care of themselves alone and family and friends play a big role in ensuring that they are leading a healthy life. A lot of care, planning and support is needed when dealing with a loved one with a heart disease.

Below are a few key points to help you do that:

Seek doctor’s help: The first step in this case is to seek an expert’s help and get your loved one treated. Your doctor will design a treatment plan for your loved one and you have to ensure that it is being followed. Ask the doctor as many questions as you can to understand about the ailment and encourage the patient to do the same. Get all your doubts cleared from the expert.

Educate yourself: Invest time in understanding about the ailment and educating yourself with all the knowledge about it. Read articles from trusted sources, and equip yourself with information. The best way to provide care is by understanding about the disease.

Take care of their diet: Heart patients are allowed only a certain amount of sodium in their diet and asked to avoid fried foods. Take the doctor’s help and get a diet plan for the patient. Ensure that they are following that. Read labels on food packets and closely monitor the preparation of their food if possible.

Encourage exercising: Encourage them to set aside 30 minutes of the day for low impact exercises like walking, swimming, etc. Be their exercise buddy, take them out for walks with you or do yoga with them. Exercising is good for heart health and it is a key factor to ensure a better recovery.

Be emotionally available: Going through an ailment is a lonely process because physically only the patient is experiencing the discomfort. Make sure you are emotionally available to them when they feel the need to talk. Other ways to show you care are by taking them to the doctor’s appointment, reminding them to take their medicines every day and helping them with activities they may need help with.

Congestive Heart Failure takes a toll on the patient from all aspects. Family plays a huge role in supporting the person and ensuring they live a healthy life in spite of the disease. Take care of the patient and ensure you are also taking good care of yourself so that you can fulfill responsibilities smoothly.


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