Watch: Dr. Anjendra Targe On Sexual Behaviour and Grief in Older Adults


Older adults experience a range of physical and mental changes as they age. HappyAging met Dr. Anjendra Targe to discuss about these changes. Dr. Targe is a Sexologist and Psychologist who practices in Kalyaninagar, Pune.

Dr. Targe said that older adults, like younger people, feel tremendous pressure regarding their physical appearance. Minor changes that are a part of aging, like wrinkling of skin or greying of hair, can cause major anxiety to them. There are certain sexual changes that happen as well in older age that lead to psychological changes more than physical changes. And at that time, dealing with a partner’s demise is a huge stress for them. It is indeed too overwhelming to accept the idea of death.

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We asked him how older adults should deal with grief, Dr. Targe said that many people, whether in India or abroad, tend to avoid the topic of death as it causes unpleasantness. Instead, he urged everyone to accept it as a part of life and talk about it openly.

Dr. Targe further said that sex and death are closely related. As a person ages and starts thinking more about death, he/she may turn to sex for suppressing the thoughts of death. This also sometimes leads to inappropriate sexual behaviour. If the emotional health is balanced, he said, all other aspects of a person are balanced as well.

To hear Dr. Targe speak, watch the video.

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