Watch: Dr. Anjendra Targe on Sexual Problems in Older Adults


Older adults face a lot of changes in their body as they age. Sexual changes is one of them. However, in India, sexual problems of older adults is a topic that is often swept under the carpet.

With this view in mind, HappyAging met Dr. Anjendra Targe who is a practicing Sexologist in Kalyaninagar, Pune.

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Dr. Targe said that old age causes changes in hormone levels, namely testosterone that controls sexual desire in men. Low testosterone levels lead to decreased libido in men. Similarly, women also have changed estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and testosterone levels. All these control their sexual desire and cause a decrease in libido.

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Dr. Targe also said that older adults often succumb to societal expectations and pressure of physical appearances. They suffer from psychological issues due to decreased body image.

Next, we asked him about the most common sexual issues that older adults face, Dr. Targe said that erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are present in almost all men. The occurrence of these problems might vary across the ages, but they do appear in older men. As for women, they have lesser drive as they near menopause and also might face issues like vaginasmus leading to a painful sexual experience.

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Lack of a trusted partner or not having enough foreplay or lubrication can also cause decrease in sexual desire, Dr. Targe said.

Watch the video to hear what Dr. Targe has to say about sex in older adults.

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