Renowned actor of Hindi and Marathi cinema, a distinguished stage artiste and a legendary socialist, Dr. Shriram Lagoo passed away at the age of 92 years on Tuesday (December 17, 2019) evening. He died of a cardiac arrest at his Pune residence, survived by his wife Deepa Lagoo, son and a daughter.

Shriram Lagoo lived a complete and fulfilling life where he started his career as a ENT surgeon, but soon found his calling in theatre and artworks and thus devoted himself to acting. He was a prominent stage personality and stood tall alongside Vijay Tendulkar, Vijay Mehta and Arvind Deshpande during the development of theatre movement in Maharashtra, post-independence.

Having studied medicine from B J Medical College, Pune and practicing surgery in Kenya, Lagoo returned to India and did notable roles in Marathi plays like ‘Natsamrat’, ‘Himalayachi Saoli’ and Hindi movies like ‘Pinjra’, ‘Ek Din Achanak’, ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’ and ‘Laawaris’. He also played Gopal Krishna Gokhale in Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’ alongside Ben Kingsley. By giving up medicine and restarting his career as an actor at the age of 42, Dr. Lagoo broke stereotypes and showed how passion knows no age and can be pursued when the calling comes from within.

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As the news of his demise spread, condolences poured in from theatre, cinema and politics.

A progressive rationalist, Dr. Lagoo was a fine example of determination and ageless fervor. HappyAging bids a warm adieu to this passionate soul who will always be remembered as a strong contender of our centenarian club.

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