The finale episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 will be telecasted on Friday, November 29th. As a fitting ending, the host Amitabh Bachchan has invited the philanthropist, social worker, author, and Infosys Foundation Chairperson, Sudha Murthy to the show.

The channel shared a teaser of the much-awaited episode. The 5-minute clip shows 69-year-old Sudha Murthy talking about her life in engineering college and how she decided to take up social causes.

“I was a Single Female in a College of 599 Males!”

“I was the single female in a college of 599 males,” she says. “It was when I discovered that there were no toilets for women there.”

When she became the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, she built 16,000 toilets to overcome this issue that women in India face.

Sudha Murthy also talked about the work that they do for the upliftment of the Devdasis in India. Most of these Devdasis are physically exploited and abandoned. They have children but no money to bring them up. They also sometimes suffer from deadly diseases like AIDS. For such a helpless section of society, Sudha Murthy funds their children’s education and raises awareness about their health issues.

Sudha Murthy – From Then to Now

Sudha Murthy, was the first female engineer at TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO). While working there, she met and married N. R. Narayana Murthy and later left her job to assist him in his startup, Infosys. This modest startup grew exponentially, changing their lives completely.

She set up the Infosys Foundation in 1996. It is a public charitable trust and Sudha Murthy is one of the trustees. She helped build 2,600 homes in flood-affected areas through the Foundation. She has also set up 70,000 libraries. She works in the fields of healthcare, education, women empowerment, public hygiene, and eradication of poverty at the grassroot level.

Sudha Murthy has received several awards for the outstanding work she does for the society as well as for her literary works. She is a prolific Kannada and English writer. She is the recipient of the prestigious R. K. Narayan Award for Literature in 2006 and the Attimabbe Award from the Karnataka Government for excellence in Kannada literature in 2011. She was also awarded the fourth highest civilian award in India, the Padma Shri.

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Finding Purpose in Life

Sudha Murthy, with her simple ways of living, has a lot to teach all of us. Even at this age, she actively pursues her passions. She believes that she has found her purpose in life in serving people. She works with people from different walks of life and is very contented with life.

Right from the time she was young to now, she has always followed her heart. She has found the perfect balance between work and home. She always put her children on priority while managing the fledgling Infosys as a startup along with her husband. At that time, they had neither the experience nor the resources to run a company. Yet, through her passion and hard work, Sudha Murthy managed to be a rock of support for her family.

Older adults, in general, lose the drive to pursue their passion as they grow older. They might be very passionate about something in their earlier days, but with age, they seem to put their passion on the back seat. Some even fear social judgments before taking up an activity that they wanted to, which eventually may result into losing on purpose to live, loneliness, depression and other mental issues.

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But Sudha Murthy is an inspiration to all of us. She proves again and again that age is just a number and you can do whatever you wish irrespective of your age. Even superstar Amitabh Bachchan can be seen touching her feet out of sheer respect, in the teasers.

A fine blend of passion and modesty, of hard work and untiring zeal, Sudha Murthy gives us all some serious life goals. HappyAging salutes her undeterred spirit and wishes her well for her kind and humanitarian endeavours.

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