It is common knowledge that with advancing age, health insurance becomes costlier.  There are a number of insurance companies that offer health plans for healthy individuals. But very few companies offer health plans for older adults and their specific needs.

Less than 15% of the total Indian population is insured and older adults are impacted most by this as they tend to suffer from a large array of age-related disorders.

Insurance companies require specific health check-ups before providing cover. Many older adults obviously fail these tests and are therefore not eligible for the insurance. If they are, the high premiums and the list of exclusions to the coverage become major setbacks.

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There are a number of parameters you should check before purchasing health insurance for senior citizens:

  1. Entry and exit age
  2. The maximum age for renewal
  3. Coverage
  4. Exclusions
  5. Co-pay (a fixed out-of-pocket amount paid by an insured person for covered insurance)
  6. Waiting periods
  7. Critical illness cover
  8. Domiciliary hospitalization (a situation where the insured is considered as hospitalized, even when at home)

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Here are some of the best insurance plans for senior citizens that offer maximum coverage for these parameters.

These plans are the leading 5 health insurance for seniors in India. In India, many older adults are not insured for health because of high costs or simply due to ignorance. However, high medical fees can create a dent in their pockets. For someone with limited income post-retirement, these are great options to explore.

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