Watch: Dr. Meenaz Khoja Talks about Skin and Hair Changes in Older Adults


Dr. Meenaz Khoja is a Dermatologist, a gold medallist in dermatology and trichology and practices in Pune.

HappyAging met Dr. Meenaz at her clinic in Pune and learnt about the impact of aging on skin and hair.

She explained to us about the various changes in hair and skin with aging in men and women and how they can be prevented with proper diet and care. She stresses that menopause is one of the major causes of hormonal changes in older women.

We asked her to enlighten us with few common questions which she receives regularly from her patients. Dr. Khoja, says that people are concerned about their hair and skin as they age but most of the time they do neglect the regularity of treatment and therapies. She also says that skin dryness in women and receding hairline in men are the most common questions asked by patients.

Dr. Khoja also tells us about risks from junk food, consumption of alcohol and smoking, and how these habits increase the chances of aging and damaging the skin texture. She advises that with minute alteration in our day-to-day life, balanced diet and appropriate sleep, we can prevent the impacts of aging and live a healthy life.

Dr. Meenaz also wants to send a message to the viewers, that people should consider assistance from a professional rather than relying on household remedies and over the counter medications for any issue related to skin and hair. She also talks about the steroid menace that happens when people do self-treatment.

Watch the video to hear all she has to say.


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