Watch: Feisty at Fifty Author Sudha Menon on Ageism, Sex After 50 and More


If you think age can pull down your spirits, then this lady is here to prove you wrong. The beautiful and celebrated author of five non-fiction books, Sudha Menon chronicles her experiences in the most savage way in her latest publish ‘Feisty at Fifty‘.

The 52-year-old author, journalist and a writing coach wears her red lipstick like a boss and with her charismatic smile throws away the stereotypes and tells the world how to live a full and indeed a feisty life regardless of age.

HappyAging met Sudha Menon in her beautiful house and talked about age, health and more.

The gifted author throws light on the following questions and we are in absolute awe of her spirits. Have a look (With timestamps from the video):

1:11 What inspired you to chronicle your experiences in Feisty at Fifty?

Sudha says it’s her own life over the years that has inspired her to pen her experiences with her funny hat on.

2:24 Do you see ‘ageism’ plays a role on women, especially in India?

The author says India is one of the most ageist societies in the world and it certainly has an impact on women, when unthinkingly closest of people tell us what is age appropriate and what is not.

3:37 Do you think people post 50s put their health and beauty on a backseat?

Sudha Menon stresses on the fact that it is perhaps years of conditioning that forces women to give up on their health and beauty. But, she says that she is not ready to give up.

4:47 How do you manage to stay fit?

The gorgeous writer doesn’t believe that she is too fit (we do not agree with her), but says that she manages her health by walking.

5:45 ‘Sex after fifty is dull’ – Is it true?

“It’s not dull, it’s slow and slow and steady wins the race,” quips Sudha.

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7:01 How do relationships between couples post 50 look like?

Relationships are not led by the hormones post 50s, rather years of compatibility and more, says the author.

7:41 Are 50s the new 30s?

I don’t want to be 30 again, laughs the feisty author and tells how in 30s people run behind matters that do not seem so important post 50s. She says that she is enjoying the current phase of life.

8:12 Tell us about your relationship with your mother – from she babysitting to you mom-sitting her.

That has been the most important relationship of her life and she tells how she understands her mother and their relationship dynamics better now.

9:10 How do you manage the long distance caring for her?

The doting daughter that she is, Sudha talks about long distance caring and tells how she and her sister care for their mother and always make sure she is tended to.

10:18 Tell us how your mother coped with depression by keeping busy?

Sudha shares how after her father’s demise her mother felt a deep gloom in her heart and how one day her visit to her daughter’s house changed the course and transformed into something beautiful. She tells how she got engaged in writing and kept herself busy. She even ended up writing a whole book about her relationship with her husband, which in turn helped her deal with depression.

12:18 What would you say about the senior care scenario in India?

The author finds it inexcusable that the seniors are not treated with required empathy when it comes to dealing with their concerns and more often their health conditions are confused with age. She says elderly care is still not enough in the country.

14:05 What is ‘Happy Aging’ for you?

A time in life when you have resolved all conflicts and you are in a happy place is what ‘happy aging‘ translates for the beautiful writer.

Watch the video to catch the entire interview with all her quips and quotes.

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  1. Very well said. Good information for 50 plus people. And along with other activities Sex plays very important factor to keep and feel young always ?


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