Kidney diseases in older adults are the eighth largest cause of deaths in the country. Women, more than men, are known to fall prey to kidney diseases. Almost 6 lakh women lose their lives every year.

In recent times, many older adults are suffering from CKD or renal failure due to various factors like impure water and improper eating habits. Bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking can also affect kidney health.

Older Women and Kidney Diseases

According to a recent study, older women are more prone to kidney diseases than men. In general, more women over the age of 50 are likely to suffer from kidney failure or End-stage Kidney Disease (ESKD). Older women suffering from diabetes tend to be affected more by kidney malfunctioning. This, in turn, gives rise to heart issues and diseases related to diabetes.

UTI is an infection that affects ladies more than men. In older women, UTI can cause harm to the urinary tract and, in extreme cases, the kidneys too. A study by the George Institute also states that kidney diseases occur due to UTIs and conditions left untreated for a long time.

The main function of the kidneys is to filter blood. But there are various reasons due to which the kidneys may malfunction. In women above 50, the aging of organs compounded with underlying diseases might lead to kidney failure. It is, therefore, necessary to get yourself screened for kidney diseases at least once a year.

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Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Decreases red blood cell count, fatigue, breathlessness, suffocation, light-headedness, dizziness due to reduced oxygen supply, bad breath, nausea, no hunger, food seeming tasteless, itching all over the body, frequent urge to urinate, less or no output of urine are some of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. There may be swelling in various parts of the body like ankles, below the eyes, face, and stomach (distended abdomen).

In case you encounter any of these signs, contact your doctor immediately to take further action.

The Government of India has implemented the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Program wherein you can undergo dialysis at subsidized rates. In case your doctor suggests kidney transplantation instead of prolonged dialysis, older women in India can avail of kidney transplant facilities at cheaper rates, too.

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